TDS "Techos del Sur"
Base Bahía Blanca
Chiclana 681 – P° 1 - Of. 5
Tel. Cel. 0291 - 154 133060
Tel. Fijo. 0291 - 4551858

Taller: Tomas Guido 3350 Parque Industrial
Bahia Blanca

    Company Vision Mission

We are a company based in the city for three years based in the town of Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz from March 2009, which is aimed at the construction of all types of steel structures such as industrial buildings, sheds , sheds and roofs that meet project needs to run.

Our professionals and staff have a wealth of experience aquilatada through years of working in similar companies, but now combined in a quick sketch and adapts to dynamic changes and stakeout work as well to immediately resolve unforeseen aesthetics and viewing angle. Also we have incorporated into our building "dry" wet a building department for industry and commerce and system "turnkey project" with all that that implies (concrete, water, electricity, sewer, and heating).

TDS is a versatile company dedicated to engineering, construction and services that integrates activities with manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance of plants, running appropriate planned maintenance, aimed primarily at the petrochemical, commercial and institutional, as well as to civil and industrial buildings to small, medium and large scale. Is committed to meeting the standards of Safety, Health and Environment. So intensely trained its staff and provides everything necessary to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety. Its quality assurance department that monitors compliance with all standards of design, construction, installation and commissioning of industrial plants. Also meets the requirements of customers and working on post-sales technical support.

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